Inspired Soul Sounds

Raising the Wave of Light One Heart at a time.


~ Welcome to the “KUNDALINI REIKI Healing NOW page ~

If you are in need of Any form of Healing ~ Please focus upon the image placed here charged with Kundalini Reiki Healing Energy ~ Please also while spending time in this Sacred Space ~ Affirm the Chakra Affirmations that are here.

Please feel Free to copy the chakra affirmations and image where it can be an animation ~ There is an Important reason for the image to stay animated and that is the movement of this image “Allows” the energy to flow to you and through you and “Will” clear any blockages that you may feel you have.

This space is created with the Highest Divine Light ~ Please respect this energy as it is for ALL beings.


~ Chakra Affirmations ~

I am safe and secure at all times
I am divinely protected and guided and my way is made smooth and easy
I trust in the process of my life to unfold for my highest good and greatest joy

I allow abundance and prosperity into my life
I am good enough to have what I want
I release my negative attitudes, which block my experience of pleasure

I am worthy of my own self-love
There are no failures – I learn from everything I do
I release judgment and let my life flow
I am worthy of the very best in life

I open my heart to love
I am pure, good and innocent
I am confident that the healing power of God’s love will heal my mind, heart and body

I am able to harness my will power to control addictive influences in my life
It is safe and right for me to express the best of who I am now
I substitute love, joy and creative expression for old patterns of addiction and abuse

I think positive thoughts about myself and everything around me
I open myself to my intuition and deepest knowing
I focus on what I love and draw it to me

I am open and receptive to all life
I am open to the goodness and abundance of the universe
I am willing to go beyond my limitations to express and experience greater joy.


~ If you feel “Inspired Soul Sounds” is making a difference to the world, Maybe you would like to help support “Inspired Soul Sounds” to become a physical entity ~

~ Please Donate here ~

~ All donations go towards the manifestation of “Inspired Soul Sounds” functions/workshops and Any other entities that offer Divine spiritual guidance and support to the humanity of ALL beings ~




  1. ~Naomi

    You know what/ Just want to say Bless you –

    I need you and there you are.


    Comment by purelycarrie | February 24, 2010 | Reply

  2. Thank you,

    This is beautiful. And timely.



    Comment by Crystalbutterfl | February 24, 2010 | Reply

  3. Didnt expect such a strong sensation from Kundalini Reiki, quite intruiging. My throat chakra certainly felt it!

    Comment by GiftedHand | February 24, 2010 | Reply

  4. this is lovely.. you can really feel it flowing, the moving image is fabulous.. xx

    Comment by maggi | February 25, 2010 | Reply

  5. Oh boy Naomi this is such a sweet offer, I have a disabled grown son at home and I also need healing and on top it off I fell in love for the first time in years, and the guy has been really mean to me and he asked me to marry him, and then a week later dropped off the map~Help I need help, my son was in a hospital until April 1 in Mexico for 3 months with a sever neurological disorder and I lost my job when I went to bring him back from Mexico~w I have a disabled son, I am about to become homeless on the 1st of May, I have 2 bad teeth and I’m desperately in love with someone who doesn’t see how special and beautiful I am~Oh God I do need help, and now my son and I are both about to become homeless and the health and welfare system is too difficult to get in this kind of pinch of time~

    Comment by brooke fleet | April 7, 2010 | Reply

    • ♥ Divine Greetings to you Brooke ♥

      I so hear you and as I type I am sending you K~Reiki ♥ Please use this page to heal and re~balance your chakra’s if you feel this will help you to focus on the fact that Everything will work out exactly as it should for the benefit of all.

      I do truly understand that when we are deep in an emotional experience that we can not see past the present situation {{Hugs}} ♥ I would like to ask you ♥ Has there ever been another time where your life experience has been so shadowed that you truly thought that nothing would work out? ♥ and then after the experience everything become better ♥ or more suitable to be able to live better within yourself and with those around you?

      I know from personal experience that when we are in the deep shadow of despair we truly do believe that there is no hope ♥ and then by some miracle Everything just seems to work out 😉

      Even though you and I are miles apart ♥ I am sending you deep deep comfort ♥ to let you know that your not alone ♥ to let you know that You are ever present in my thoughts ♥ That you are surrounded by Divine Light Wrapped In Love From this very moment ♥ Now ♥ Now ♥ NOW ♥♥♥

      Please know that no matter how terrible or horrific things may seem right now ♥ They Will become better ♥ Sometimes we go through experiences to find a deeper part of ourselves that help us to be ♥ Survivors ♥ After everything you have been through so far ♥ Your still here 🙂 ♥ You have survived 🙂 ♥

      ♥ I am sending you so much Light wrapped In Deep Love ♥

      ♥ Naomi ♥ xoxoxoxoxox ♥ if you wish a more private contact please email me at Bless You Brooke ♥ and Please Know that ♥ It Will Be Okay! ♥

      Comment by Issamau | April 7, 2010 | Reply

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