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Raising the Wave of Light One Heart at a time.

~ An Open Hearted Lightworker ~

An Open Hearted Lightworker.

. . . . .opens their heart to you whether you open your heart to them or not.
. . . . .will assist you will their physical presence.
. . . . .will not think twice about your opinion.
. . . . .will stop what they are doing no matter how precious it may be to assist you.
. . . . .will not expect you to open your heart first.
. . . . .requires nothing from you to love you on every level.
. . . . .will not make statements about how wonderful they are. . .It is YOU who always come first.
. . . . .does not need approval.
. . . . .does not need recognition.
. . . . .Knows that when they Live from the Heart chambers that are Lit with pure source light You had better Know that ‘An Open Hearted Lightworker’ Will always be at the ready to. . .Love You. . .Trust You. . .Heal You. . .on all levels.
. . . . .Is an open vessel of pure source light that has their heart ignited with Light on all levels.
. . . . .Has no room for darkness.
. . . . .Has no room for ego.
. . . . .IS. . .Love. . .IS Light. . .IS Heart centered. . .and has no requirement to be noticed.

You do not need to open your heart first for me to open my heart to you. . . . .My Heart is always OPEN! to You on all levels no matter which path you take I will always Love You. . .I will always Hold You close. . .I will ALWAYS shine pure source Light to You. . .Because ALL Open Hearted Lightworkers. . .Know how to Live from the chambers of the Heart Light Center.

with Love = An Open Hearted Lightworker. Naomi…


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~”♥”~ The Anglo-Saxon Mission ~”♥”~

~”♥”~ The Anglo-Saxon Mission ~ the Third World War and the Inheritance of the New World ~”♥”~

Presented by Project Camelot

Please visit islandonlinenews youtube channel for more info in writing on each video

I am sharing this because it is so important for the human’s who are still sleeping to WAKE UP!! before it is to late.

Support Global Consciousness by sharing this info with all you know and come into contact with ~ Thank You~

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