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About Inspired Soul Sounds

There are many things in this world that Lift us and Help us Shine so that we can travel our journey with Light in our Hearts. Inspired Soul Sounds is a Sacred Divine Space where you can do just that.

Fly High, Shine Bright and Breathe the Wave of Light.

There will be many vibrations shining here, It could be an idea to check back just to see if anything Exciting is going down.

Inspired Soul Sounds is also here to offer Healing. Issamau (also Known as Naomi @InspdSoulSounds on twitter) is a Kundalini Reiki Master. Kundalini Reiki Healing is Free to all who wish to heal themselves from within. Issamau also Practises ~SA~SEKHEM~SAHU~ SA= The Breath of Life, SEKHEM = The Sacred power, SAHU = The realised Human. Issamau practises this mantra Daily, repeating the mantra 100 times for full effect of this powerful Transformation of the Soul.

Inspired Soul Sounds also offer personally made ~SA~SEKHEM~SAHU~ Mantra beads, made to order. Please get in touch for details: please state (mantra beads in the subject)

It is an Honour to meet you ~NAMASTE~

Please let us know you passed through

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