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Intuitive Readings

Inspired Soul Sounds is proud to offer a service of Intuitive readings for those who wish to seek guides from the unseen world ~ below is a list of readings available ~ please send your requests to: ~ Please state in the subject area of the email which reading you would like to receive ~ the maximum payment for each reading is £10.00 through paypal unless you live in the UK where you can send payment through the post in postal order ONLY ~ no cheques please as some can be a little rubbery and cash may get lost.

All readings are done Intuitively ~ the cards are a trigger to help me tune into the question that you have a query about ~ Please ONLY One question per reading as the cards will only answer One question ~ The other vibration you should consider is that the cards will be answering the Deeper question and may not give you what your conscious mind is looking for ~ It is important to Know that the magical realm of Intuitive readings is not the human who gives your answer or guidance ~ But ~ the ones we can not see ~ so with this in mind please know that you maybe surprised by the answer ~ Or ~ you maybe disappointed ~ The process is in your heart or hearts and if truth be known ~ You are the one with the true answer to your question.


Tarot Readings:

Legacy of the Divine Tarot.

Osho Zen Tarot.


Oracle Readings:

Atlantis Oracle.

Ascended Master Oracle.

Anubis Oracle.

ArchAngel Oracle.

Saints and Angels Oracle.

Healing with Angels Oracle.

Ask Your Guides Oracle.

Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle.

The Faerie Oracle.

Power Animal Oracle.


Wisdom readings:

Wisdom of the Hidden Realms.

Celtic Messages.

Faerie Messages.

Angel Energy.


Divination Readings:


Celtic Wisdom Sticks.

Planetary Stones.

Psychometry. (You would need to send me a picture of the object that you wanted to know about, also if you wanted a reading done for a person, place or animal you would need to send a picture.)




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